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How Does an Accommodation Grading Effect Me?

An accommodation grading for a bed and breakfast in durban determines at a glance exactly what standard of accommodation your can expect when you book in. It is likely that more than one of the icons on the bottom of the page are not recognizable to you.

Let's deal with each icon and tell your more about them.

Tourism Grading Council of South Africa
You've seen these star at all the reputable bed and breakfast accommodation throughout Durban and South Africa. We are graded 4 stars which means that you can expect an air conditioned room with high quality linen and furnishing. A honesty bar, satellite TV with MNET, well maintained rooms and buildings, wood furniture and not plastic, complimentary coffee and tea with complimentary toiletries. Full english and continental breakfast with a variety of coffee and teas.

Zulu Kingdom
It is mandatory for any bed and breakfast in Durban to be register with Tourism KZN (Zulu Kingdom). Membership is only allowed for fully licensed, insured and legal bed and breakfasts. If you do not see this sign on a bed and breakfast website in Durban, or KZN, beware.

N.A.A. - National Accommodation Association of South Africa
The N.A.A. is the largest bed and breakfast association in Durban and South Africa. They offer accreditations similar to Tourism Grading. Centre Court Bed and Breakfast has been assessed "Comfortable with Luxuries" which is equivalent to 4 stars. Like any association they are supposed to lobby local municipalities for bed and breakfast rights.

This acronym literally means "My Father's House". The Association is called the KwaZulu Natal Bed & Breakfast Association. This smaller bed and breakfast association was absorbed into the N.A.A. several years ago.

Federated Hospitality Association of Southern Africa is an organisation that represents any accommodation for related tourism company. They lobby Government for concessions and much more. They have no impact on levels of accommodation or even gradings or assessments. They are purely here, in our case, to help our bed and breakfast.

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