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Emergency Numbers

Durban North Police (SAPS)
031 560 8000

Greenwood Park Police (SAPS)
031 563 8096/7/8

Flying Squad 10111

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Durban North 10177

Netcare 082 911

Umhlanga Hospital - trauma unit
0800 33 6967

La Lucia Dental centre
031 572 2399

Staying Safe in Durban

Like most tourist destinations, Durban has its share of this crime. Fortunately in most cases it can be easily avoided by just taking in your surroundings and being alert. We have taken great care to ensure your safety whilst at our B&b which include panic, alarms, 24 hour security and electric fences. Rest assured that B&B's make a bad target for criminals. There is no way for the intended burglar to know how many people he may encounter, whether there will be other guests arriving in the middle of his crime hence pretty safe.

This is a growing crime in South Africa so be aware whilst out and around our glorious town. Check your rear view mirror regularly. Hi-Jackers will follow you for several miles to assess you before taking action. These may come in several ways...

An appeal for help on the roadside.
An appeal for help from a stationery vehicle.
Accidents such as being rammed from behind.

If You think you are being followed head for a crowded area, maybe a shopping centre or tourist attractions. They are usually security guards that will immediately put the hi-jackers off. When you pull up to stop lights leave at least 6/7 feet between you and the car in front of you. If the worse happens, you have space for a quick getaway. Remember, be vigilant!

Vehicle Theft
Parking: your car in well lit places and patrolled car parks. There is is no problem at our B&B as we have a secure car park area within our premises

Keep your car locked and all times and free of valuables. Leave nothing in the car when you leave it.

Be vigilant and look out for suspicious persons in the area. Do not worry about vagrants, they are more interested in food than stealing cars.

Smash and Grab's
Short of having "smash and grab" windows fitted to your car, they only deterrent is to ensure that you have no valuables in plain site on car seats and dash boards. These crimes happen in a matter of seconds and before you know it, it's over and your bag, or laptop , or cellphone are gone. All you see is the back of the criminal in most cases.

Always leave you valuables at the B&B in our safe. If you bag is snatched or you are robbed, there will be at least some comfort in this.

Trust your instincts
If a person(s) or situation occurs and you do not feel good about it. Trust your feelings..Leave the person(s) or situation immediately. If the worst happens and you do get robbed, do not fight. Hand over the items calmly and allow the criminal to leave. Better to be alive and well than hurt and lost.

Out and About
If you are going out at night. Avoid quiet car parks and off the beaten track locations. Save these for daytime excursions. Stick to the tried and tested tourist areas. We will be glad to advise.

Do not wear extravagant jewellery out and do not take, or flash, large amounts of cash

Be vigilant to suddenly being in a crowd that was not there before. This could be the pre-cursor of an attempted robbery.

If you find yourself heading for a township or deprived area. Turn around immediately, or at the first opportunity and go back the way you came.

If the worst happens
South African's as a rule are caring people and will come to your aid, all you have to do is ask. Carry our card with our emergency numbers around with you.

Just by taking these simple precautions, you can have the holiday of a lifetime It's up to you.

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